TKM 2 Penang layan pemohon bantuan seperti penjenayah?

Kisah Rakyat Pulau Pinang yang mengalami sakit kronik bersama isteri beliau yang juga mengidapi 2 penyakit kanser yang memohon bantuan bagi menyambut Deepavali. Namun malangnya dia dilayan dengan buruk oleh Pejabat Timbalan Ketua Menteri 2, P Ramasamy.

Mujurlah beliau mendapat bantuan yang sewajarnya dari Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat bersama parti komponen BN seperti MCA dan MIC.
Inikah yang dikatakan kerajaan negeri yang berkebajikan dan prihatin???

DCM's aide treated me like a criminal, claims man

GEORGE TOWN: An ailing man is crying foul over his being treated like a wanted criminal by a staff member of Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy when he sought financial aid during Deepavali.

S. Murali, 37, said he sent emails to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Dr Ramasamy on Oct 25 to request the aid.

"I received feedback two days later and was told to meet Dr Ramasamy at his office in Komtar.

"When I went there, I was told that he was busy and was asked to leave my name and contact number," he told a press conference called by the state MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau yesterday.

Murali claimed that he sent another email to Dr Ramasamy and called the office but was again told that the state exco member was busy and a staff member gave him a number to call.

"I called the number and it turned out to be Dr Ramasamy's private secretary. The man said that I was not to be entertained or to be given aid under the orders of the State Secretary," he said.

"He claimed that I was involved in syndicate and criminal activities, and had sent petitions to the public.

"He also claimed that I had made prank calls and that I was supposedly under the watch of the Home Ministry, the police and the State Secretary," he added.

"But when I called up the State Secretary's office, his personal assistant said there were no such orders," said Murali, who suffers from chronic asthma, 80% bronchial blockage and was in coma previously.

He had also lodged a police report on the matter.

He said his wife T. Nagaletchmy, 41, was also unemployed and had suffered early stage uterus cancer and breast cancer. She had undergone 18 operations.

The couple, who have four children aged seven to 16, receive a monthly income of RM791 from the Social Welfare Department and Social Security Organisation.

Bureau deputy chief Lim Thoon Deong said: "The MCA, MIC and the Penang Hospital Visitors' Board will work together in helping him.

"It's unfair that they have received such treatment. In the meantime, the board will provide medical support for them."

When contacted, Dr Ramasamy acknowledged receiving emails from Murali and said the matter would be investigated.

"He should have come to me to talk about it. People have easy access to me. He can come to see me if he wants," he said.

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